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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has always been: Do it once, do it right. Whether we are digitally remastering an audio reel from 1938, retouching a 35mm slide from 1952, or in our 25th hour editing someone’s perfect wedding film we shot last week; rest assured it will be done professionally with our greatest care and attention to detail.

So many customers discover us after they have had 3 other firms work on their project. Please, let us save you the hassle. Come by Legacy Media first and you won’t be disappointed.

Our Motivation

Our motivation is quite frankly, you. We have been so blessed to have so many amazing, wonderful customers. Given our line of work we have the privilege of getting to know our clients on a very personal basis. Experiencing all the joys and sorrows they have – we love traveling back in time via their extensive collections of old home movies and family photos.

Our reward is the reactions on our customers faces when they relive those treasured memories while they are surrounded by their loved ones.


D Mortenson


"I really appreciate the invaluable service you have provided to me. Thank you so much for transferring my old tapes onto DVDs. They will be available for our family to watch for years to come. I especially appreciate one of you making a special trip to open the store and give me a DVD that I needed on Christmas Eve. Thank you so much!"


Patrick C

Film    Video    Audio    Photos   

"I've been working with McKay, the owner of Legacy Media for years.  He and his talented crew never cease to amaze me with their abilities. No matter what hair brained Idea I may have, they constantly turn my lemons into lemonade. McKay takes my, 'Could we,' or 'How About,' and creates a beautiful  finished product, seemingly like magic. I highly recommend McKay and Legacy Media for all you audio-visual needs."


L Gracia


Legacy Media made my videos into a DVD that looks awesome! They were so professional and their customer service was excellent!!!


D Prince


I just want to share with everyone how amazing this company is. I have had all my old family videos on several different formats through out the years that I was unable to watch and had been thinking about transferring them to digital so that my family could enjoy the great memories, but never made it a high priority. Then one day my oldest daughter died in a tragic accident and afterwards in my mourning and trying to process through the loss, I realized I desperately needed to hear her voice so I grabbed all the old video's and went to Legacy Media. They were so compassionate and understanding that I was nervous to let the tapes be out of my site. They quickly got all of them transferred so that I was able to watch them, to hear her voice again and see her growing up memories, it comforted me immensely. This company really cares, all the employees I dealt with were so knowledgeable, helpful and kind. The speed that they transferred everything was amazing, especially considering how busy they are. Please don't wait to transfer yours, old videos don't hold up over time, they degrade. I'm so thankful to have mine on DVD, safely uploaded, backed up and preserved so that my family and future grandchildren can all cherish forever. Families are Forever...and memories are treasures!


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