How It Works

(: your memories are here :)

Welcome to the Legacy Media Digital Family!

Following this Easy Guide will get your media to us fast, safe, & sound.

Step 1 – Eat

Enjoy your treat! (Every kit comes with a treat)

Step 2 – Label

Place the labels inside your Easy Guide on the media items you are including in your kit. Example: 1 label on each Tape or Film Reel – 1 label on each bag of 30 Photos/Slides.

Use the extra labels on page two of your Easy Guide for single item add-ons (+$19.95ea)

Step 3 – Pack

After labeling each item, pack media into your green Legacy Media Digital box.

*Make sure those photo/slide bags are zipped up! If you need extra photo bags, zip top bags work great!

Step 4 – Box It Up

Close up your green box and place inside the brown shipping box it came in.

Step 5 – Shipping Label

Cover original shipping label with the Return Shipping Label found in the Easy Guide included in your kit.

Step 6 – Seal & Check

Use shipping tape to securely seal brown shipping box. Double check shipping label is affixed properly.

Step 7 – Drop Off

Drop off your kit at the nearest UPS location. To find a location near you, visit

Step 8 – Tracking

Enjoy email tracking updates as we process your media and ship your originals & digital treasures back!

In no time, you will be sharing & enjoying your memories again!

What Do I Get Back?