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Imagine gathering the whole family together around the tree this Christmas, sipping hot chocolate or eggnog in front of the fire, the voices of Great-Grandma and -Grandpa telling the story of your family as they were living it back in 1962. Now, that would be an unforgettable tradition to add to the annual viewing of “A Christmas Story” and “Miracle on 34th Street!”

No need to venture into the deepest, darkest, most forgotten recesses of your home to locate that TEAC Reel to Reel Player (which may no longer work, or may not even be there!). You only need to go on a quest for those reel-to-reel tapes. Then send them to us, and we’ll put in the hard work so you can reap the kudos from the whole family. Just picture their surprise and delight at hearing a digitally mastered recording of their loved ones’ voices, and then receiving their very own copy of the recording as a gift!

Whatever format of audio material you manage to unearth, we can get it in ship-shape digital format so you can easily enjoy it on your modern audio equipment. Once your recordings are digitally mastered, it’s quick and inexpensive for us to create additional copies for you to share with the whole family.

We always handle your media with care, because we know what a priceless treasure your family history is. Your great-grandparents, grandparents, and even your parents, put in a lot of effort to make audio recordings at a time when they were the only affordable recording media available. But it’s not just about preserving stoic family records. Imagine the fun it will be to hear your dad protesting Aunt Nelda’s infamous cheek pinches when he was 8 years old, or his sister explaining the finer points of changing dolly’s diaper.

All you have to do is gather up that material, and send it to us today!

Large (4″-7″) Reel-to-Reel Audio
Small (3″) Reel-to-Reel Audio
Vinyl Records
Audio Cassettes (90-120 minutes)
MP3/Digital Audio File – Combo
Audio Cassettes (30 -60 minutes)


Audio cassettes are well known by anyone who was born before Prince started partying like it was 1999. Did you ever have a Walkman or a Talkboy? Then you remember the great analog sound a cassette could have. A standard from the 80’s through the end of the 90’s, cassettes were also the foundation of the most popular courting ritual of the time: the mixtape.

Many of us witnessed the moment audio cassettes were immortalized by Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything. Even if you weren’t planning a trench coat, over-the-head, boom-box, emo moment, audio cassettes were hugely convenient. Cassettes were easily available and able to store all of our music and recordings so we could take them with us anywhere.  While the much more expensive CD’s were available toward the end of the audio cassettes’ lifecycle, many people still opted for the convenience (and the romantic possibilities!) of the cassette.

As it happens, many people got rid of their old audio equipment when they upgraded to newer technology. But without a cassette player, what becomes of the memories hidden away in those audio cassettes? Similar to reel to reel audio[insert link on this text to reel to reel audio page], cassettes are on magnetic tape. Over time the magnetism of the tape wears off, resulting in a loss of the recording. As the days go by, those small plastic cases on your bookshelves will be reduced to nothing more than a collection of dust bunny shanty towns.

It doesn’t have to be this way! You can save them all! Your cassettes can be easily, efficiently, and affordably transferred to a crystal clear CD. Would MP3 files be useful as well? No problem, let us know when you order, and we’ll put the MP3 files on a flash drive or hard drive for you.

Call us today and unleash your inner Lloyd!


Audio reels, or reel to reel audio, was invented around the same time that the classic literature from your High school reading list was being written: The Great Gatsby, The Sun Also Rises, The Sound and the Fury, etc. (Yep, that was about a hundred years ago!) Here are a few interesting facts about the amazing, century old technology of audio reels:  

  • Steel tape was the first version of reel to reel.  It was developed in the 1920’s in Germany . Since then the format has been done mostly on magnetic tape, and that is the format that we encounter for home use.
  • Audio reels were also used for a very long period of time by radio stations for commercials and inserts.
  • Bing Crosby popularized the usage of audio reels, and many audio aficionados prefer the warm sound that they contain.
  • Over the years we, at Legacy Media, have discovered that audio reels were not only used for commercials and songs, the format was also used as a way for people to communicate with their loved ones.

Many of our customers send us audio reels that contain stories, updates, and general communications between family members. Often, these family members would be off in a different country on military duty, or church mission, or business assignment, or pleasure trips. It was much more convenient to record a month’s worth of stories than it was to write them down in multiple letters. Audio reels were so popular that recordings were still being made even after the long distance call (aka. the forefather of the 3-digit area code) was invented.

Most people abandoned their audio reel players and recorders when the convenient and portable audio cassette recorders/players came out. These days, it is extremely difficult to find a reel to reel audio machine. Even if you spend hours, days and weeks scouring eBay, you’ll be lucky to find a device (which you cannot test before you buy) for $500 or more. On top of that, you have to make sure the player you get works for your particular tapes.

Audio Reels were produced in three recording speeds:

  • Slow – 1 ⅞
  • Medium – 3/ ¾
  • Fast – 7 ½

Instead of going through all that, wouldn’t it be great if you could easily share your priceless recordings with your friends and family using today’s technology? How nice would it be to just download them to  iTunes or Windows Media Player, or add them to your kid’s MP3 player or iPod?

Da dana na! Faster than the fastest audio reel! More powerful than an internet auction! Able to leap a century of technology in a single bound! Yes, it’s Legacy Media – strange audio and video restorers in Southern Utah with the powers and abilities to reclaim your irreplaceable memories and convert them to state of the art formats for future generations to enjoy!

It’s so easy! You send us your reels. We transfer the large ones for $50.00 and the small ones for $40.00. We send your reels and your new audio media back to you. You put the new files in your player and press play. Then you and your relatives can just sit back, relax, and delight in the rediscovery of your family treasures.

Don’t wait any longer! Audio reels, just like film, can be susceptible to the damage of age. Luckily, reel to reel was a format that people took good care of due to the expense. But it’s still better to get the reels to us sooner than later. Over time the reels lose their magnetism, which is what holds the audio recordings onto the tape.  Our transfer process will leave you with a crystal clear preservation of the current state of the reel. It is never too soon to preserve audio reels, and once you have done it, you won’t have to worry about any future degradation.

Our Technicians handle your reels with absolute care. We take pride and joy in rescuing your priceless family memories from dying technologies and giving them continued life for the future. As always, we highly recommend opting for the archiving of your audio as well. You never know when you (or someone else) might end up misplacing the disc. Why stress when you could have us archive your valuable memories for as little as $3.00 per disc? Then, if you ever need additional copies or replacement copies, it’s as simple as calling or emailing us, anytime, here at Legacy Media.


Are you an audiophile? One of “those people” whose passion is the reproduction of high-fidelity sound? You are? Well, welcome to the club! At Legacy Media, we have a great appreciation for vinyl, and we are committed to preserving that rich analog sound to a digital storage medium.

Count Basie’s band swingin’ on DECCA’s full frequency stereophonic sound, Simon & Garfunkel folksy tunes on Columbia Records,  Elvis’s smooth voice on RCA.  The thought of gems like these collecting mold in a basement, makes us sadder than Bambi’s mother dying.  The idea of those precious, shiny black disks being used for target practice makes us want to borrow Mr. Potato Head’s angry eyes!

It’s not only the music, but  much like reel to reel audio, a surprising number of people used the medium of vinyl as a way to record messages to their family members. Hearing a loved one’s voice was a wonderful comfort when people were separated by continents.  Children with aspirations of being famous singers could have their first experience recording their vocals on records, and then share them with family and friends who lived far away. These memories are so fragile and precious. It’s heartbreaking to think that they could be melting away into a black, gelatinous blob that could one day emerge from your attic and engulf your neighborhood, or even your whole town!

Okay. We may be over reacting. But it’s just so easy to box up your 33s and 45s, and send them to us! The unique sound of the analog audio can in fact be preserved digitally without compromising for quality. Many customers tell us they do not have a record player anymore, or it’s broken, probably beyond repair. Do you have records that would just make your heart sing if you could  hear them again?  Yet, you know it’s going to be a huge hassle to find a record player, then spend the money on the old technology, bring the contraption home, and finally find a suitable place to keep in your house so you can use it where it’s not in the way. And you have to go through all of this so you can listen to the two or three records you still have? (We’re so tired just thinking about it, we have to go take a nap now.)

What if you could enjoy your favorite vinyl hits in your car? That would certainly make your morning drive something to look forward to! No more flipping through the radio stations, desperately hoping to find something “good.”

What if you could use your computer to easily play and share recordings of great-grandma and great-grandpa’s “letters?” It’s a wonderful feeling, being able to connect with important family history whenever you want.  

Our process involves us using state of the art machinery to get you the best possible quality transfer from your vinyl records to CD. When you hear the CD, you’ll still hear the warm, real quality of the vinyl; you won’t even believe you aren’t listening to the actual record! We handle your records with the same high-quality care and attention that we give our own vinyl collections. Before we transfer your records, we carefully clean them so they’ll produce the best possible sound. You’ll get back all your original records along with the new CD recordings. If you like, we can also save the recordings to a flash drive or hard drive. Just ask for that option when you order.

Don’t get us wrong, vinyl is amazing! But it’s a fragile material in many ways: sensitive to heat, cold, moisture, even touch. By preserving your favorite vinyl to a digital CD, it will better weather the test of time  and be available for future generations to enjoy.

It only takes a few minutes! Box up those records and mail them to us today! We’ll take care of the rest.

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