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Long, long ago, before selfie sticks came along, before the iconic V-J Day Kiss in Times Square was photographed, even before smiling-for-the-camera was invented, print photos were a part of everyday life. Since the 1800s, we’ve been documenting our lives through images. The earliest photographs weren’t printed with the glossy or matte paper options we are familiar with today. The images were printed on materials like metal which had been coated with silver chloride, or glass, or various fabrics. As photo technology improved over the decades, color options changed as well. Black and white photos and sepia (brown-tint) images eventually gave way to full color prints.

No matter what material or what color, Legacy Media can digitize your photos, even slides and negatives! It’s easy. Just pull out those crumbling, dusty old boxes that have been hidden away and almost forgotten. Pack them up nice, and ship them to us. We’ll take it from there.

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We use the highest quality scanners to give you a stunning digital image of your  print, slide, or negative. There is no loss in quality, and size doesn’t matter. We can scan anything from a traditional 4 x 6 to oddball sizes like 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510…wait a minute, that’s pi. Although, if you have a circular photo, we can scan it! If you’ve got an image that’s 68.4 x 33 inches, we can scan it! If you have a print that is–

Well, you get the picture, a digital picture!

Wouldn’t it be nice to reclaim all that closet, attic, or basement storage space for other priceless treasures?! Not only will digitizing your photos free up some space for you, it will also prevent the photos from degrading further over time.  Your one-of-a-kind pics aren’t doing any good tucked away. Think of the social media opportunities you are missing!  Once we bring your photos into the digital age, sharing them will be easier than ever. Of course, there are those moments that are just too precious to post, tweet, or blog. In that case, you can always choose to order an extra disc or flash drive. You can share these directly with your friends or relatives, allowing you to privately enjoy these memories with the people you love.

There is nothing that brings us more joy than bringing people together through memories and shared history. If clumsy Aunt Susie splashed coffee all over your favorite family photo back in ’82, it’s time to peel that mustache sticker off of her wedding portrait. We can fix that coffee damage (and even Aunt Susie’s upper lip, if needed)! If you have precious photos that you thought were beyond repair, just call us. We know how important your memories are. With our experience and state-of-the-art tools, we can help in almost any situation.

Perhaps you’ve been carefully storing your negatives for years. You are prepared if an important photo gets lost or destroyed. Or maybe you are waiting for the day that you have the time to print and put into albums all one hundred darling pictures of Danny and Gracie splashing in their kiddie pool in the backyard of your first home. Well, that day is today! Let us take those negatives and produce high resolution digital images from them and put them into digital folders. As with the photos, the size doesn’t matter with these either. We can get beautiful images from 35mm, 110, 120, small format, medium format, large format negatives oversized 2.25” slides as well as those 3D Slides you don’t have the viewer for anymore.

Schunck, shunk. Or was it more like pflick, plick? Remember that sound the slides used to make on your old Kodak 4200 Carousel Slide Projector that stopped working years ago? Bring your slides into the 21st century, and you can relive all the fun of viewing those photos with your friends and family.

If you have spent years orchestrating the perfect visual presentation of your lifetime memories, you need not worry. We’ll keep each carousel in the correct sequence, preserving the chronology of your stories. We pride ourselves on being one of the only media conversion firms that can keep that same organization, so that your slideshow is as polished as it was when your Kodak 4200 was in mint condition.  So, if you have a box or carousel labeled “Summer of ‘69” there will be a folder on your data disc labeled exactly that, containing all of those slides in digital format, telling the story of you and your first real six-string.

Does your kitchen junk drawer look more organized than your box of slides? That doesn’t intimidate us!  We can handle any slide project.  Even if your slides don’t start off tidy or organized, we’ll make sure they end up that way. We will put your slides in numbered folders on the data disc or flash drive.

When you get the digital files back, you might just discover that your inner organizer wants to come out and play. You’ll find it’s incredibly easy to look at all the photos and organize them using your computer. Clicking, dragging, labeling, and making new folders is so much easier once you have your slides, photos, and negatives digitized. We always recommend getting your entire collection digitized first, then you’ll have everything together before you decide how to organize them on the computer: by date of the event, or by family members that might want copies, or by holidays and celebrations. It’s completely up to you. When you have all of your images on easily accessible computer files, you won’t have to skip holiday or family dinners at the the dining room table because it’s stacked with three-foot high piles of photos and boxes of slides and negatives that need to be sorted and labeled.

For scanning slides, we use a high-end, professional, custom-built slide scanner which produces stunning high-resolution images while also letting those natural colors pop. Once we load your all of your slides (hundreds? thousands? we can handle everything you have!) onto a data disc or flash drive, we can make as many copies as you need. Everyone you know can enjoy these beautiful digital treasures.

Of course, we’ll return your photos, slides, and/or negatives to you after we digitize them. Although, we expect you’ll be so pleased with the beauty and simplicity of the digital files that you’ll have no use for them any longer. One of our clients, made a lampshade using 238 of her 35mm slides that we digitized and returned to her. When it comes to creative ideas, the sky’s the limit! So let us tackle the task of preserving your important memories, and you can get busy setting up your Etsy account or planning that party to share all of your digital photos with family and friends that haven’t seen them in years.  

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