Our Mission

Our Mission is to preserve your legacy so your life's work can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has always been: Do it once, do it right. Whether we are digitally remastering an audio reel from 1938, retouching a 35mm slide from 1952, or in our 25th hour editing someone’s perfect wedding film we shot last week; rest assured it will be done professionally with our greatest care and attention to detail.

Our Motivation

Our motivation is quite frankly, you. We have been so blessed to have so many amazing, wonderful customers. Given our line of work we have the privilege of getting to know our clients on a very personal basis. Experiencing all the joys and sorrows they have – we love traveling back in time via their extensive collections of old home movies and family photos.

So many customers discover us after they have had 3 other firms work on their project. Please, let us save you the hassle. Come by Legacy Media first and you won’t be disappointed.

Our reward is the reactions on our customers faces when they relive those treasured memories while they are surrounded by their loved ones.