Preserving Your Memories has never been easier!

Let us digitize your fading memories into a Legacy that will last! HD Frame-By-Frame film scanning has never looked better! DVDs and a USB Flash Drive are always included!

Formats We Digitize

  • 3 inch film reels
  • 5 inch 8mm reels
  • 7 inch 8mm reels

What Do I Get Back?

After our digitizing magic has concluded, we'll send back your originals and beautiful digital copies on DVD & USB Flash Drive. Purchase extra Flash Drive & DVD copies at checkout for the whole family to enjoy!

Is My Film Deteriorating?

Yes, it is! (Excellent question, by the way.) You may or may not have film that is 80 years old, but with everyday that goes by your film is deteriorating. The time for waiting to digitize your film is over. Maybe the film is sitting in protective metal cases or a cardboard box in the deep, dark recesses of your basement. Even if you are home alone , you can’t let that spooky basement furnace spitting fire from it’s big, black iron-grate teeth intimidate you – rescue that film!

Film was a great technology that allowed us to record motion pictures and view them decades later. Although like most things, film doesn’t last forever. Even if your film is stored in an airtight, temperature & humidity controlled environment it is still susceptible to a number of different degradation processes.

More commonly known as “Vinegar Syndrome,” Cellulose triacetate degradation is happening faster than you can say it! Film starts aging the moment it get’s put “in the can.” The film can start to get snowflakes on the frames, which once this occurs, there is no going back. These snowflakes start off small but spread until the whole film is covered with them and there is nothing recoverable.

If your film smells like vinegar, you are going to have more trouble than a spaceship full of tribbles. Sure, tribbles are fluffy and comforting and toothless, but make no mistake: “Captain to Bridge! Go to red alert!” The vinegar scent means that you may only have a month, plus or minus a few days, before your irreplaceable memories turn into a reel of blank film. The sooner you get those reels to us the better chance we have of preserving your precious footage in high definition, which effectively stops the destructive effects of film aging.

Who is Processing My Priceless Film!?

When you choose Legacy Media Digital, you are dealing with real, live humans. We not only appreciate the art of preservation, but also have years of professional experience in handling delicate film and audio. You can trust us to transfer your priceless memories with care and attention, as if they were our very own.

All of our film technicians are extensively trained in the art of film preservation, ensuring that your film collection gets the care and attention it deserves. When we receive your film it is carefully labeled, and combined to new 400’ reels. As the film is being combined we repair any broken splices and prepare the film for capture. Some large “Transfer Mills” use automated or robotic processes to transfer your film. As you can imagine, having a real human eye constantly watching your film transfer is extremely important so adjustments can be made in real time to ensure the highest possible results.

We send your film back!

Unlike some of our competitors, we’ll also send you back your original film. Many of the big box stores will send your film overseas or to another firm for transferring. All you receive back is the disc or hard drive. At Legacy Media Digital, we understand full well that your film is your personal property, and we give you back every frame that you sent to us. Many times we have had customers who want to digitize film for an older relative, but the older relative is very protective of the film. This allows you to send it to us with the confidence that you will get it back and be able to return those reels to your relative or just keep your personal memories safe for yourself. Although, once people see the completed high definition scan on the 60’’ HDTV you bought for them (or for yourself?) for Christmas, no one will ever give the physical film a second thought!