Our Process

Add each Media Type you wish to digitize to your cart. After check-out, we'll send you a box to pack up all your items.  Ship us the box & in no time, you'll get back Digital DVDs (which are always included) & your original media + optional Thumb Drive with free Cloud Upload. Return Shipping Label, & Crush-Proof boxes are what makes Legacy Media Digital so great!

Crush Proof Boxes, Easy to Follow instructions, oh and BEAUTIFUL digital transfers.  

Just a few things that make Legacy Media Digital shine.


What Do I Get Back?

After our digitizing magic has concluded, we'll send back your originals + your memories on Digital DVDs which are always included.  Purchase an optional thumb drive & we'll upload your memories to The Cloud for free!

Why Use Legacy Media?

We use the highest quality scanners to give you a stunning digital image of your print, slide, or negative. We can scan any size up to 8.5x11, even oddball sizes like 3.141592653589793238462643…wait a minute, that’s pi. Although, if you have a circular photo, we can scan it!

Wouldn’t it be nice to reclaim all that closet, attic, or basement storage space for other priceless treasures?! Not only will digitizing your photos free up some space for you, it will also prevent the photos from degrading further over time. Your one-of-a-kind pics aren’t doing any good tucked away. Think of the social media opportunities you are missing! Once we bring your photos into the digital age, sharing them will be easier than ever. Of course, there are those moments that are just too precious to post, tweet, or blog. You can share these directly with your friends or relatives, allowing you to privately enjoy these tender memories with the people you love. Every order comes with a free USB Flash Drive, make sure to order extras at checkout to share with the whole family!

Perhaps you’ve been carefully storing your negatives for years. You are prepared if an important photo gets lost or destroyed. Or maybe you are waiting for the day that you have the time to print and put into albums all one hundred darling pictures of Danny and Gracie splashing in their kiddie pool in the backyard of your first home. Well, that day is today! Let us take those negatives and produce high resolution digital images from them and put them into digital folders. We can get beautiful images from 35mm Slides, medium or large format negatives, Oversized 2.25'' Slides as well as those 3D Slides you don’t have the viewer for anymore!