Legacy Concierge Digitizing

Digitizing for prestigious clients and priceless collections

Avoid becoming the next docu-series. When it comes to digitizing your priceless home movies and photos, quality, discretion, and security are paramount. Our concierge digitizing service was designed from end-to-end to preserve high-profile clients’ memories and privacy.

Why choose concierge?

  1. From pickup to dropoff, the only person who touches your material throughout the entire process is Legacy Media’s Founder, McKay Murdock.
  2. Digitization takes place at a secure, unlisted private location within the Los Angeles area.
  3. Air-gapped servers with no connection to the internet or outside networks are used to ensure maximum data security.

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Privacy is Priceless

Figures with sensitive privacy needs are still people, and they deserve dignity and respect when entrusting outside parties with personal materials. Will the minimum wage worker at some random photo-scanning company feel the same?

At Legacy Media, we’re on your side. We understand the stakes and have built a process that accommodates the realities of being high-profile, all to keep you in control of your story, your memories, and your legacy.

Discretion on your terms

We’re no strangers to NDAs and other documentation. We’re happy to provide your security team or publicist with anything they need to sign off on your digitization project.

Hands-on protection

Dropping your materials in the mail is a scary thought. We pick them up and drop them off in person, using indestructible Pelican cases. In between, they never leave our sight or our reach.

Single-touch service

Your materials will be skillfully handled from pickup to drop off by a single person: Legacy Media’s founder, McKay Murdock.

Legacy quality

Your photos and videos will be digitized using the same equipment, technology, and attention to detail employed by major Hollywood studios.

Private Processing

Hundreds of miles from the facility that handles our mainstream digitizing, the Legacy Concierge facility was built specifically for the security and quality that discerning individuals require. The digitizing magic takes place in this completely secure, unlisted location in the Los Angeles area.

A letter from our founder

Even for an average Joe, personal memories are personal. Whether it’s your baby pictures or a 1999 New Year’s Eve party in Ibiza, they can get out from under your control in a heartbeat.

I started this division when a high-profile family friend confided in me that she had tons of physical memorabilia from her childhood and career that she wanted to digitize, but simply couldn’t trust anyone. Trust — I’ve built my entire process around it, and it works.

I’ve been handling the memories of prestigious clientele since 2009. With our Legacy Concierge service, celebrities, dignitaries, and other prominent figures can rest easy knowing their priceless memories can transition to the digital age in complete safety and security.

McKay Murdock
Founder, Legacy Media Digital

Reach out to get your digitization project started.

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