Video Transfer Service

Convert Your Old VHS, VHS-C, Beta, and Camcorder Tapes

Digitize your audio collection today!

Formats We Digitize

  • VHS Tapes
  • VHS-C Tapes
  • 8mm Tapes
  • Mini DV
  • Beta Max
  • MicroMV

What is Our Video Transfer Process?

We can transfer any video format to DVD. The ones we’ve mentioned here, as well as one’s we haven’t talked about because they’re just too obscure. Like U-matics, that wayback format from the 1970s. (How fun would it be to see your uncle wearing platform shoes and a plaid leisure suit at your parent’s wedding?)

 We have state of the art machines that transfer the footage off of a videotape to a digital format providing the best possible quality transfer. We transfer the videos to archive-quality DVD’s complete with custom printed label and protective case. The transfers do not compress the video in any way, which allows the DVD version to be the best possible quality. Every order comes with a free USB Flash Drive & DVDs. The USB Flash Drive is preloaded with your digital videos in an easy to use MP4 format, making them a breeze to edit, share, or upload to the cloud!

Do You Really Have to Convert Your Videotapes to Digital?

Of course, the decision is up to you. To help you decide, here is a summary of benefits:

  • You’ll save the records of your precious memories for future generations before they fade into a completely unrecognizable state.
  • You can easily share your videos with friends and family; no special, expensive, hard-to-find, old technology required.
  • You can get rid of stacks and stacks of bulky tapes and dusty boxes that are just taking up space when you replace your old videos with new, more compact DVDs and optional Flash Drives.

How Long Can You Wait to Transfer Your Videos?

Unfortunately, most of these magnetic tape formats are PAST their projected life span of 10-20 years. You can still transfer older tapes, but tracking issues, sound issues, and video image issues will all come into play. While we cannot restore the tapes, our commercial equipment will give us the best possible digital transfer and ensure no future degradation takes place.

If you have any home movies on VHS, now is the time to start transferring them to make sure you have them for future generations.